Come into the “you” that you’re meant to be.  

Are you feeling unfulfilled knowing that there must be more joy to this life than what you’re experiencing now?  

Do your core fears of failure, disappointment or pain keep you stuck? 


Most of the people I work with know that there's more to life, but emotional baggage prevents them from becoming the best versions of themselves. They read self-help books, they live by quotes, but still feel they can’t get past the negative experiences that have challenged their existence daily. 

I can assure you that you already have an innate ability to heal yourself. Through a loving dialogue in a safe and respectful environment, I'll help you uncover your body’s innate healing mechanism to release trapped emotions from the past.  

Energy work is about the shedding of old skin and reclaiming your narrative. It teaches us about our true selves and we begin to realize our self-worth. We learn to become self-compassionate. 

Your Emotion Code session will be specifically designed to address the inner burdens that cause you to spend your days avoiding risk, pain, and failure rather than creating the life you dream of. My job is to help you break down the unresolved wounds causing your continued pain and doubt, so you can live a joyful life that is thriving with creativity and love - a life where you have the freedom to be your highest self, which is your birthright.  

Taking the step to heal is an act of courage. It’s the goddess’ and guru’s path. But it is a path that you’re ready for.





This session is designed with your emotional and energetic needs in mind. During this session, we’ll engage in a deep loving conversation to explore your life and how you’ve been living it, your past experiences, your love of self and your aspirations. 

From there, you’ll experience the energetic release of trapped negative emotions as I combine Dr. Bradley’s method of muscle testing in tandem with magnetic therapies to eliminate negativity from your energetic body. 

The session will conclude with a sound healing, where I’ll employ the sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls as you’re led into a custom guided meditation designed to enhance the release of negative trapped emotions we identified together, from your energetic field. 

90 minutes 



This enhanced Emotion Code experience will help you cultivate clarity so you can expand your consciousness and set the foundation for self-actualization.  

This 4-hour session invites you into a deeper process that includes the Custom Emotion Code Energy Healing Session. From there, you’ll express yourself through a therapeutic art process with my guidance.  You’ll have the choice to create sacred jewelry, a painting, or a personal journal.

All materials are provided and you’ll take home your art piece as a reminder of your creativity and strength. You’ll gain a new insight that will open doors to a meaningful exploration of your belief system about how you see yourself in the world. The day will conclude with light refreshments, gifting, and a fire ceremony. 

4 hours

Rise & Explore


Reclaim your truth and rise like a phoenix during this personalized immersion geared towards self-fulfillment. Held in the greater Palm Springs area, this 1-day intensive is for the soul explorer who wishes to dig deeply and harness their power within. 

The day consists of a custom Emotion Code Energy Healing Session, followed by a series of combined therapies and clearing rituals using the wisdom of your body to heal from trauma. 

  • Enjoy a morning meditation and a custom guided 15-minute soul retrieval to start the day. 

  • Engage in a therapeutic art session that will help you to unearth your unique gifts and purpose. 

  • Experience a therapeutic walking meditation at the extraordinary Living Desert Zoo.

  • Liberate yourself with movement during a belly dance and ecstatic dance session.

  • Recalibrate with a custom-designed sound bath healing session.

This transformative experience will be held in a loving and safe environment.

1-day immersion

*Includes light nourishments. The immersion does not include lodging and transportation. Please contact me if you’d like to customize your experience.

* Services are not exclusive to adult female clients. I also work with men and teens.


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After my first session with Valohna I felt much lighter and came away with an overall sense of calm and well-being.
— Patty G.